PostHeaderIcon The Importance of Sports for the Personal Development and Success

Each person would like to be successful and efficient in life. This involves reaching certain goals and fulfillment of plans and desires everyone has. But achievements are not possible without enough will, struggle and competition. Something familiar? Of course, it resembles sports, resembles a lot. So, welcome to my blog and let’s have a talk about the importance of sports.

Time Pressure: a Lame Excuse

kids have fun by playing footballThe world of today is the total time pressure. But this fact has turned into an excuse even for those who have never run out of time due to their lifestyle. We can see in the streets and on the screens of our TV-sets that the quantity of overweighed people is growing. Why? Some people have got troubles with their metabolism, so every calorie they consume is likely to be stored as fat. But those troubles are not always inborn: quite often they are acquired due to their sedentary lifestyle. Working days are hard and long but not involve running all the time. In order to cope with stress, people love having a beer in a bar or spend an evening lying on the sofa with chips and a pizza. Nothing special that poisoned in this way, their bodies refuse any kind of activities on weekends.

The Vicious Circle of Indolence

There is a natural circle: depression due to stresses – eating – gaining weight – troubles with heart – depression as a symptom of a coming disease – eating – etc. but this is necessary to remember that sports are a kind of an active rest, so this can be even more pleasing for the body to limber up after a day of sitting in one place. Fitness is able to cause a serotonin explosion in one’s body: this is a natural way to cheer up, even in times of depression…however, with regular fitness trainings, a person can even overlook the moment when the depression is over for good. There is no need to say anything about the positive influence of sports on one’s health. Muscles work, blood runs, enriched with oxygen and warmed up, and of course, the body gets attractive shapes, which cannot leave a person indifferent.

This is a bad idea to remember great people that loved sitting instead of standing and lying instead of sitting. This is better to name those who achieved a lot training their will with sports. This is indeed a training of one’s will, when it is necessary to step over one’s unwillingness when it is necessary to go to the gym. And in the end, gracious and well-shaped, looking at your shiny face in the mirror, you can say: I have done it! Isn’t it a sweet victory?

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